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Systems and Models (SM)

Credits: 4 ( Lectures: 2, Practical lessons: 2)
Semester: LS
Ending: zp; zk
Guarantor: Schlegel Miloš
Lecturer: Černý Václav Schlegel Miloš
Practical lesson lecturer: Černý Václav, Mertl Jiří, Königsmarková Jana


The aim of the course "Systems and Models" is to give an introduction to the subject of modeling and simulation of processes, machines and natural systems for analysis and control purposes. Two approaches for linear and nonlinear model building are used - first-principles models and system identification. These approaches are illustrated on the examples of thermal, electrical, mechanical and mechatronic systems. The properties such as stability, controllability and observability of systems and methods of simulation are also considered. Widely accepted tools for simulation like Simulink, Sim-Mechanics and Modelica are used for illustration purposes. Finally, the brief introduction to model based control is provided.


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